DESCRIPTION: Univet's ULTRA-E is a preparation of Vitamin E in an oral powder form. ULTRA-E is intended for the addition to the feed of horses in training and racing.
GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: Each 28.4g dose contains:

3000 International Units of Vitamin E
INDICATIONS: Vitamin E is an antioxidant that reduces or neutralizes free radicals produced during exercise and that are implicated in the oxidation of otherwise healthy body tissues such as cellular membranes. Muscle damage is associated with low dietary levels of vitamin E and immune function is comprised as well.

Research has also shown the need for increased levels of Vitamin E in performance animal diets, supplementary Vitamin E has been regarded as having the potential to increase the quantity of blood glucose and lactate in exercised animals and help to maintain the blood packed cell volume (PCV).
It is particularly important to increase dietary vitamin E levels when the diet contains polyunsaturated vegetable oils, whether provided as supplements or when naturally occurring as in oats.

Horses that are nervous, 'washy', horses that pull, front run, horses that are "hyper", and horses that fade have been observed to respond to Vitamin E therapy.

Studies have shown that Vitamin E treatment has proven effective in producing increased sperm counts in stallions. 28.4 grams of ULTRA-E daily is recommended for stallions throughout the breeding season to help sustain adequate sperm counts and a sense of well being.
DOSAGE: 28.4 grams (1 measuring scoop) added to the daily grain ration.
STORAGE: Store in a cool dry place
PRESENTATION: 852 grams - 30 doses
5.1 Kg - 180 doses
10.2 Kg - 360 doses

updated 2017/6/1